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29/07/2013: The best seats in the house (so far)

At last! Somewhere to sit during breaks. The first internal fittings are going into the bathroom and en-suite shower room of the new build project at Witham.

The sanitary ware being modelled by our team has given welcome relief in more ways than one! We have been reminded that the hand basin stand in this photograph is not included...

There is a sensible side to this though, the reason for adding the human element is to test the practicality of the bathroom design. No matter how good it looks on paper, as a part of the attention to detail that goes into all our projects, having a 'dry run' of the bathroom layout helps to make sure that it will be perfect when everything is fixed in place.

Coming soon, the sitting down will be over and we can get on with the kitchen and plastering the remaining rooms ready for final stages of fitting out.

For less schoolboy humour-ish images from this project, take a look at our photo gallery.

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