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27/09/2013: All visitors are welcome

Since opening the new office, the stream of visitors coming in to talk over their building plans and ideas has been fantastic. Two new jobs have already been confirmed with many more customers taking away feasibility studies and proposals to help them plan for future works to their homes.

Whether you want to talk about a straightforward building repair, a new kitchen or bathroom designed to your specification, an extension to your home, either through using additional space, or through a loft or garage conversion, or even a complete home building project, you are more than welcome to drop in for an informal chat. If we can help, we will tell you how, if we can't, we will tell you right away, eeping things simple and straightforward.

We can't help feeling that the easy to find location, free, off road parking and relaxed, low pressure atmosphere have helped to make this possible. However, something, somewhere keeps on saying "It must be the coffee". Now, then, where did I put my cup?.

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