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31/10/2013: New house air permeability test passed wth flying colours

Part L of the Building Regulations sets the energy efficiency standards for new homes and requires that a sample of new homes on all developments is tested for air leakage (also known as air tightness, air permeability or air pressure testing).

With everyone's focus being very much on home running costs and energy conservation these days, we went to great lengths to not only meet but to exceed all the energy standards called for in the Building Regulations Section L1A, dealing with fuel and power conservation in new dwellings.

With the final test being the air permeability test, carried out this week, we are proud to say that our efforts were a great success. The regulations stipulate that there must be no more air flow measured than 10m3/(h.m2). The new house showed an air permeability of just 3.5m3/(h.m2), giving a great boost to overall energy efficiency.

The final stage of preparing the house for occupation is commissioning the new high efficiency boiler, which is scheduled for Monday.

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