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03/04/2013: 4 Bedroom House New Build in Witham Commences
This month, we are starting a new build project for a customer in Witham. The site has been cleared and the building inspector has visited. There is now a wait while the foundation details are agreed. The delay came from a sheaf of questions remaining on the architect's desk, unanswered while everybody else was assuming they had been dealt with. Our role in this process is not only to act as builder but to take over the frustrations and delays that can be daunting when managing a project for yourself, then maintain clear understanding between all parties to keep the process running smoothly. Once the lines of communication between architects and planners have been smoothed over, work can commence in earnest. Watch this space for details as the project progresses, and click here to view the project photo gallery.

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One school of thought holds that your importance in an organisation is inversely proportional to the length of time you could lay dead on your office floor before anyone noticed any effect on the business.

The idea is that as you become more valuable, your role evolves to become more strategic and long term. The organisation should be self-managing to an extent in the shorter term.

With Craig in America for three weeks, it is slightly less dramatic, but nonetheless a good test of the theory. With the team that has built up at CWN over the years, current projects are all moving along nicely. For longer term ideas, please bear with us for a short while.

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