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10/09/2015: A warm welcome to Josh Milgate

It is great to be busy, and we wish to say thank you to all our customers for keeping us on our toes.

With every increase in business comes the need for more careful monitoring of all processes and relationships within a company. Someone has to make sure that the right resources arrive in the right place at the right time, so that jobs can be completed to the highest standards, on time and within budget.

Introducing Josh Milgate, a young graduate who is going to play a key role in helping all these things happen here at CWN Developments Ltd.. Josh is providing the vital link between site and office, keeping the flow of information continuous.

This has already proved to be a great help in predicting and avoiding potential problems, preventing delays and inconvenience to customers, making sure that time on site is time well spent.

Every building project can be subject to external forces, but with good planning and sound communication channels in place, projects can be kept on track and costly delays avoided. We are looking forward to working with Josh on many projects to come.

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