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26/04/2013: A new kitchen installation means more work from a satisfied customer in Notley

This unusual curved extension was the brainchild of Craig, conceived to give a family space to fit a distinctive kitchen while keeping the character of the rest of the house.

Having already carried out work to decorate, create a new bathroom and en-suite in this customer's house in Great Notley, CWN Developments Ltd has now been called in for a new project. The customer wants to extend the building in order pay some attention to the kitchen, the family called to talk over their ideas with Craig Nuttall, who planned the building works, and our designer, Klaudia.

Their goal was to achieve a lighter, more spacious feeling kitchen without the gloomy corners that are so easy to create, but so difficult to avoid. They also wanted something unusual, that would stand out and bear the mark of their character, rather than being just an assembly of rectangles. The overall design was to fit in with the shape of their existing curved bay at the rear of the house.

The plan was created to make the space the way the family wanted it, then make the function of being a kitchen fit that space efficiently and ergonomically. The first step has already been taken, in building the extension which features an unusual folding screen that looks like a wall, separating the utility room from the side of the kitchen.

This would give the distinctive shape required as well as increasing the area of glass to let in more light at all times of day, enhancing the feeling of space in the new kitchen.

So far, this part of the work has been completed, and a lovely new porcelain tiled floor laid. The fixtures and fittings for the kitchen have been ordered and we are eagerly awaiting their arrival so that we can get on with fitting the new kitchen furniture. Click here for more project images.

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