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13/11/2018: Two storey extension in Fifth Avenue

No, not the one in New York. This Fifth Avenue is a little closer to home.

The family needed more space and more comfort, but wanted it in style too. The house was given a two storey extension that incorporated a large, open-plan living space that has a real feel of having plenty of room. The glass doors leading out onto the new patio that we laid for them add greatly to this feeling of airy space.

Kitchen space was freed up by adding a very practical utility room in the extension area for all the day to day family tasks like laundry, leaving the kitchen free for cooking and being the heart of the home.

The extension added an extra bedroom and bathroom as well as a children's room. Upstairs, the nursery was refurbished and the whole job was finished by applying a coat of render to the property, so that the outside of this house will look as welcoming as the new, extended interior.

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05/08/2016: It's only the boss, just step over him.

One school of thought holds that your importance in an organisation is inversely proportional to the length of time you could lay dead on your office floor before anyone noticed any effect on the business.

The idea is that as you become more valuable, your role evolves to become more strategic and long term. The organisation should be self-managing to an extent in the shorter term.

With Craig in America for three weeks, it is slightly less dramatic, but nonetheless a good test of the theory. With the team that has built up at CWN over the years, current projects are all moving along nicely. For longer term ideas, please bear with us for a short while.

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03/06/2016: Concrete block shortage makes meticulous planning essential

This picture is of a lightweight thermal concrete block. Take a good look, you may not see another for some time.

As one of the most widely used and most useful items in building, these things are just about everywhere. Sadly, the biggest supplier for the whole of the UK has halted production while a major change in manufacturing methods is implemented.

To overcome immediate difficulties, we have ordered in additional supplies, and hope that these will see us through while there is a drastic shortage. The moral of the story is that if you are planning any major works, be they new build, extension, garage conversion or repairs, talk to us sooner rather than later to make sure that we can come up with a realistic schedule for you.

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12/02/2016: Teamwork brings a great result for neighbours

If you live in a semi-detached house and need more space, a great way to avoid party wall issues and to help your extension project run smoothly, is to collaborate with your neighbours.

These two neighbours did just that and as a result both have created individually designed spacious open plan rooms with natural light, due to the use of roof lanterns and large folding sliding doors.

Both retain small differences where it counts, but an exterior that keeps the overall appearance of the two properties harmonious.

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24/01/2016: Top to bottom makeover in our design team's latest interior design project

This house was made over from top to bottom in our design team's latest interior design project.

Combining clean, modern lines with comfort and functionality, part of the overall brief was to simplify care and cleaning.

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04/12/2015: Christmas is a time to relax. Until then, we will be very busy

Christmas is approaching fast. With it comes the visiting season. Family, friends and neighbours all get together at this time of year, sometimes expected, sometimes as a surprise.

It is a time of year when we all want our home to be at its very best so that visitors can be welcomed in the greatest possible comfort.

We are currently working flat out to get three projects finished in time for Christmas; two kitchens and a bathroom. This is going to be possible because of the great teamwork here at CWN. At the heart of this is a nucleus of people who will go the extra mile to get customers' work completed in the expected time. Also part of the team are the suppliers who deliver quality materials to the right place and at the right time. Thanks to this team effort, we can be confident that these customers will be enjoying their new facilities in good time for the festive season.

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23/10/2015: Teamwork and meticulous planning deliver jobs on time and within budget

This kitchen refurbishment was completed in just 20 working days, bang on schedule. Following an initial detailed consultation with the client and submitting design for their approval, our team and the customers kept in touch throughout to make sure that resources were in the right place for the right time. This is a vital part of the process, as in the early stages, some additional drainage works were found to be necessary. These were seamlessly incorporated into the programme without breaking stride or causing any delays.

Once the new floor had been laid, installation went smoothly, according to plan, with decorating and testing carried out to finish the job.

Our clients were delighted when their new kitchen was handed over. Everything was just as they had envisaged it and ready to cook their celebratory dinner as planned.

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10/09/2015: A warm welcome to Josh Milgate

It is great to be busy, and we wish to say thank you to all our customers for keeping us on our toes.

With every increase in business comes the need for more careful monitoring of all processes and relationships within a company. Someone has to make sure that the right resources arrive in the right place at the right time, so that jobs can be completed to the highest standards, on time and within budget.

Introducing Josh Milgate, a young graduate who is going to play a key role in helping all these things happen here at CWN Developments Ltd.. Josh is providing the vital link between site and office, keeping the flow of information continuous.

This has already proved to be a great help in predicting and avoiding potential problems, preventing delays and inconvenience to customers, making sure that time on site is time well spent.

Every building project can be subject to external forces, but with good planning and sound communication channels in place, projects can be kept on track and costly delays avoided. We are looking forward to working with Josh on many projects to come.

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28/05/2015: This bathroom makes the most of available space

With a busy life and two young boys to look after, this family needs to make the most of every minute, including time in the bathroom. Having a separate shower and bath was very important to them in achieving this, but the shape of the room didn't lend itself well to that configuration.

Our solution was to put the shower in front of the bath, separating the two from the rest of the room with a glass screen. The shower itself is a modern, digital unit that has a remote control to allow setting from inside or outside the shower area.

To save space, the bath has an overflow infill and a hand shower fitted to its rim. The hand shower reaches both the bath and the shower space for the greatest flexibility.

With everyone wanting to get ready for work, school and playgroup at the same time in the mornings, time is of the essence, so we installed a double sink with two taps for greater family coexistence and time saving in the mornings.

For quick drying and greater comfort, the bathroom was fitted with underfloor heating. Our client is over the moon with the results in terms of efficiency, comfort and style. If you want to make better use of the space you have and make your home more efficient, comfortable and enjoyable, give our design team a call on the number shown above or click in the header of any page to send an email.

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24/04/2015: It's lovely, but is it art?

More to the point, is it practical? This example of form over function from Boston, Massachusets illustrates what can happen when appearance can lead the unwary into a poor choice.

The John Hancock Tower in Boston, was built in 1968 as an example of what could be achieved at the time with stunning materials. Blue reflective glass was chosen for the 10,344 window panes that formed the entire outer surface of the building.

Five years later though, the choice proved to be a poor one. The differential expansion rates of the glass and the building's steel frame caused stress fractures, allowing complete panes of glass to detach from the building and crash to the pavement below.

It got so bad that if the wind reached 45MPH, the police had to close the pavement to the public.

It took months to replace all the window panes at huge expense, not only in terms of money, but in terms of reputation; the sheets of plywood that replaced the windows while work went on, earned it the nickname "The Plywood "Palace".

If you are considering building projects, dreams and ideas, a conversation with CWN Developments can help to make sure that your choices are not only the most beautiful in your home, but also the most practical and durable. Call us for an informal, no-obligation chat, or click in the header of any page to get the ball rolling.

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01/04/2015: Patience is a virtue, especially when waiting for concrete to set

This week in building history, this happened. In March, 1973, there was a massive collapse at the Skyline Plaza complex in Bailey's Crossroads, Virginia, USA. One of the complex's towering apartment buildings collapsed, leaving a huge, eerie cloud of dust and debris where it once stood.

Surprisingly, the building wasn't even completed at the time, being due to open that August.

The investigation found no flaws in the design or materials, but the forms supporting the concrete columns on the 22nd floor were prematurely removed. The cement hadn't yet hardened completely and couldn't bear the weight of the 23rd floor.

The failure of these columns put an increased amount of pressure on the rest of the columns on the 23rd floor until the entire floor buckled and slammed down on the floor below. The building had not been engineered to withstand such a huge increased load, and the tremendous weight proved catastrophic. Each floor gradually succumbed and plummeted onto the story below in a devastating ripple effect.

Fourteen construction workers died and 34 were injured in the tragedy. Michael Hill, 31, ran all the way down the stairs from the 23rd floor when he saw cracks appear in the ceiling. He made it to the fourth floor when he was forced to jump out of a window. He broke both his arms but survived.

From such horrendous stories, we continue to learn that any construction project, from the smallest to the largest is all about patience and making sure that everything happens in sequence and at the right time. With the years of experience that CWN Developments brings to bear whenever we are involved, you can entrust your extension, conversion or new build to us in confidence. Call us now or click in the header of any page to send us an email and talk over your project.

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19/03/2015: Good projecgt management is vital for a job that is going to last.

Occasinoally, looking back on how things have gone wrong in building history can help remind us why we do things the way we do. On this day in 1919, the Purity Distilling Company of Boston fell foul of poor project management and quality assurance in an unimaginably awful way. Their 2.3 million gallon molasses tank burst, creating a tidal wave of some 11,818 tonnes of molasses, which engulfed the local area with loss of life and untold damage to property and to business.

It seems that despite spending $30,000 on its contstruction, Purity's parent company insisted on a short cut. The accepted practice after building such a tank was to fill it with water and test its integrity. However, with a shipment of molasses due to arrive just days after the completion of the tank, the decision was handed down to commission the tank without testing. The consequences are a matter of history.

So, what is the moral of this sad story? It is quite simply that no matter how pressing external contstraints may be, in the matter of building, there is no excuse to ever take a short cut. By using good project management practices, problems can be avoided and schedules can be met. Talk to us about any building projects you have in mind in the knowledge that every stage will be completed to perfection.

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28/01/2015: Thank you to all our customers for another great year

Hurrah! It's 2015 and we have posted some new project photos. Our hectic schedule and exciting current projects have left us no time for the 'blog, but we are back with a vengeance.

If you are seeking inspiration for a project on your own home, take a look at our projects page.

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17/11/2014: Too busy to 'blog! Time flies when you are a busy builder...

Since opening our new office and relaunching the CWN Developments website we have been inundated with new work. The response has been just amazing and we have been running at, or close to capacity ever since.

Thank you to all our customers for making this happy situation possible. We will look forward to many more busy times to come.

The thing that there hasn't been time for is keeping our 'blog up to date, so there hasn't been much to look at in here for a little while. We will be updating this in the coming weeks with photographs and stories from the projects that have been keeping us so wonderfully busy.

Right now, we are working hard to get all our current projects finished and handed over before Christmas so that our customers can enjoy the festive season in their newly built or extended homes. We want all our customers' homes to be ready to welcome guests.

There are already projects lining up to be started in the new year, so we are looking forward to getting those under way. If you have a building project in mind and want to get a first class job done with minimum fuss, call us on the number shown or click in the header of any page to send us an email to start talking over your plans. Whether you want to create a patio or embark on a new build project you will be just as welcome at our office where we can spread out and look at your plans in comfort.

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31/07/2014: Bathroom and en-suite project is near to completion

This en-suite and bathroom project is taking shape now. The floor and wall tiles have been laid in the bathroom, using light coloured textured porcelain tiles on the walls around the 'L' shaped bath and shower, to contrast with black porcelain tiles on the floor and outside wall. The black tiles are polished in situ to give a stunning, lustrous surface that is smooth yet natural loooking.

Nice touches include the niches built into the walls for storage to preserve space and make it easier to reach bath products when showering or bathing. The natural wood cabinet and basin surround contrast with the tiled surfaces, complementing the textures and enhancing the feeling of warmth in the room.

The plumbing is all in place now, as are the electrical fittings give subtle, energy efficient lighting just where it is needed. With only detailing and the finishing touches to do now, our customers will soon be using their bathroom and en suite.

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11/07/2014: New bathroom and en-suite facilities

This customer wants to make the best possible use of space in a bathroom and en-suite facility, so our in-house design team was called upon to come up with something a little special. Using the CGI design facilities to their best effect, this is what we came up with.

The unusual 'L' shaped corner bath gives a feeling of space to the shower area while getting the best possible layout for the room available in the bathroom. This contrasts vividly with the space-saving curved shower cubicle and basin used in the en-suite to get the most comfort while leaving a good floor space to move around in.

Work has now started on both rooms and the images show the black, natural stone floor tiles in place, with wall tiling in progress and all the plumbing installed and ready to join up when the bathroom is finally fitted out.

The shower cubicle, basin and toilet have all been fitted in the en-suite facility and the walls are tiled. The space saving cupboards and vertical radiator will be in soon along with the shower unit, so our customers will soon be enjoying the convenience of their en-suite shower room.

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04/06/2014: Small detail changes can make a big difference

You may have to look closely to see the difference, but it was important to our customer so it was important to us. Originally, this dresser had oak shelves, sides and back internally.

Once the job was finished and the dresser installed, our customer found it a little dark, so we changed it for her. The shelves are still oak, but the sides and back have been painted in the same light colour as the outside, which now gives the space a much lighter and airier feel.

It is this kind of attention to detail that we pride ourselves on at CWN. Only when you have a kitchen, extension, conversion or new house that you are entirely happy with, do we consider the job done.

Little things mean a lot.

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15/05/2014: Teamwork is the key to success in any building project

Every building project is about teamwork. From start to finish, everyone has to play their part and get their part of the job done before the next piece goes into the jigsaw.

At CWN Developments Ltd., we are particularly proud of our team. Over the years, the people have come together, bringing their skills to bear on our customers' extensions, conversions, refurbishments, repairs and new build projects. It is thanks to these people that we are able to manage a number of projects at any given time, being able to rely on the right tradesman turning up in the right place at the right time.

To all our planners and architects, interior designers, groundworkers, structural engineers, bricklayers, plasterers, carpenters, plumbers, electricians and roofers, we thank you for efforts in the past and look forward to many more successful projects in the future.

To find out more about how our teamwork can help make your plans a reality in the shortest possible time with the minimum of disruption, call us now or click in the header of any page to send an email.

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01/05/2014: Beautiful kitchens make for happy customers

Here is our customer enjoying her new kitchen. The result is just as the family had planned with us back in March using our CGI kitchen design system.

Using custom built units with bespoke doors, drawer fronts and a bespoke quartz work surface meant that there was an investment of time while they were made, but the finished kitchen shows that the wait was worthwhile.

This family now has a unique, spacious and airy kitchen that will stay beautiful for years because it has been built to last using the best available materials, following a meticulous plan.

To make your home fit your needs, family and dreams, call us on the number shown above or click in the header of any page to send us an email. Our office is always open and personal callers are very welcome to call in and discuss plans or projects.

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24/04/2014: New kitchen and utility room finished and delivered in just seven working days

Thanks to a sterling effort from our electricians, worktop kitchen fitter and plumbers, this kitchen was finished in just seven working days; five for the kitchen fitter and two for the electrical and plumbing work.

In accordance with the plan of this new kitchen and utility room, our customers wanted to have clean lines for an uncluttered, relaxed look. The complementary colours of the bespoke doors and drawer fronts, set off by the quartz work surface contrast beautifully with the natural stone floor.

The island unit in this kitchen provides not only a great place to prepare food and clean up, but also has plenty of space for sitting to relax, eat or enjoy the view from the conservatory windows.

The kitchen units were delivered on Tuesday before Easter and the whole job completed late on the following Friday. Take a look at the CGI plans to see how close the coordinated look of the finished room is to the customers' original specification. This kind of work can only be achieved with a careful, detailed plan, so if you are considering a project, talk to our specialist planning team first, so that you can be confident that reality will match your ideas.

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15/04/2014: In the conservatory again

Nothing to do with Colonel Mustard or the Cluedo crew this time though. The family are so delighted with the new stone floor that runs throughout the lower storey of their house now, that they just couldn't wait to start using it.

While we work on the kitchen and utility room, the family has been able to get their conservatory furniture back in and start using the room again, just in time for the nice weather which makes sitting in a conservatory such a pleasure.

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14/04/2014: Meanwhile in the kitchen...

The kitchen units specified by out customers have arrived now and are unpacked, ready for the kitchen fitter to put them in place. In keeping with the overall design brief, these are in natural wood finish, to be fitted with bespoke doors and drawer fronts in complementary colours to contrast subtly with the natural stone floor.

On seeing the new kitchen fittings for the first time, the lady of the household was delighted and could hardly stop herself beaming smiles at all and sundry.

We are looking forward to the reaction when all is in place and working! The kitchen fitting team is hard at it right now, so it shouldn't be long before the room takes shape.

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14/04/2014: Using the utility room

When carrying out any building work, from a small repair to an extension or complete refurbishment, we never forget that life goes on for the family that has trusted us to work on their home.

With the thousand and one items that accumulate in a kitchen, huge storage problems can arise when that part of your home is being altered. To keep disruption to a minimum, the larder and utility room were given a high priority, so that everyday living can be as close to normal as possible.

It is only a small thing, we know, but to have the ability back quickly to carry on with the family laundry, not constantly fall over everything, and to make a cup of tea can make a big difference when the project is lasting several weeks.

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10/04/2014: Stone floor finished, skirting boards in place and fitting out started

With the stone floor laid, sealed and polished, last week we had the electrician and the carpenter doing their stuff in the new kitchen and utility room.

The lighting is now all in place and shows up with beautiful catch lights in the natural stone floor.

The carpenter has finished the skirtings, door frames and doors now, and started to fit out spaces like the larder and the utility room.

Watch this space for more progress as it happens.

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04/04/2014: The floor is down, the ceiling is up - now we can proceed

Now that the floor has been laid throughout the lower storey of this building, the rest of the trades team can get in and fit the items necessary to make this a highly functional kitchen and utility room layout.

This week, our carpenter has been in fitting the doors, door frames and skirting boards, ready for decorating, and our electrician has been putting all the wiring, sockets and junction boxes in place for the myriad pieces of electrical apparatus that are essential in any modern kitchen.

The other great essential in a kitchen is light where and when you need it, both to make the use of the room possible, but also to enhance the feeling of space and relaxed efficiency. Effective lighting can make the world of difference to any room, and has been at the heart of our plans for this kitchen installation from the outset.

Our electrician is seen in the photographs installing the strategically placed downlighters and the extractor fan. Watch this space for more progress as our latest project really starts to take shape.

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27/03/2014: Kitchens are like life, you get the best resiults when you start at the bottom

To begin at the beginning, now that the room shapes are finalised, the floor can be laid. Once that is done, we have a sound foundation for the rest of the work.

This will be a most beautiful floor, using natural stone tiles that first have to be laid, then sealed, grouted and sealed again to get a perfect finish that will last for years.

Our customers have specified the same tiles not just for the new kitchen and utility room, but throughout the ground floor of the house, making a lovely, continuous stone surface with natural lustre.

These pictures were taken while our flooring team were applying the tiles to the levelled surface and cutting them in to the existing shapes like the newel post at the bottom of the stairs. This makes a more craftsman like finish to the job, with every tile fitted perfectly, leaving a minimum of space for expansion that will need grout.

Even the cat is impressed!

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19/03/2014: The kitchen and utility room start to take shape

Since last week's update, the floors have been levelled and are ready for tiling, the electrical sockets have been fitted and all changes to the room shape have been completed.

This is where the weeks of planning start to pay off and our customers can see the computer generated designs turning into reality.

The lovely stone floor tiles will be laid next, then work can start on fitting out the interior and installing the appliances, both in the kitchen and in the new utility room, which has been partitioned off to keep the end result nice and tidy.

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12/03/2014: Remodelling of kitchen and utility room

This week we started work on the remodelling and refurbishment of a kitchen and utility room. The aim was to make the most of available space and give the family more room to enjoy their kitchen and do the daily chores with the greatest possible convenience.

Careful planning was carried out in partnership with our customers to make sure that everything will be installed in the most ergonomic and space efficient position to give a feeling of light and air without extending or taking up any more of the property's footprint.

The plans and quotation have been accepted now so work has started on preparing the room. So far, everything has been stripped back, a new partition wall built and the wiring for lighting and appliances in the new kitchen and utility room is going in. New, high-efficiency space saving radiators have been installed too. The job is progressing apace, so keep an eye on this page for updates.

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10/03/2014: Wetroom installation in Chelmsford

When we were asked to create a new shower room/wetroom for a customer in Orford Crescent, Chelmsford, it came with some additional challenges. The customer has mobility issues, so in addition to making the best use of the space available, the layout had to take this into account with the most convenient positioning of bathroom furniture, towel rails and storage.

Additionally, handrails and a shower seat were installed to make it as easy and safe to use as it could be. Non-slip flooring was used throughout and all surface materials were chosen for ease of cleaning to keep maintenance low. The heated towel rail both heats the room and keeps the towels nice and warm while taking up the minimum of space.

The planning was all done in collaboration with our customer to make sure that the end result was perfect for their needs and they are delighted with the result.

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04/02/2014: Planning - From Paper to Pièce de Résistance

Before any building work can be carried out, detailed plans must be created. The old saying "Measure twice, cut once" springs to mind. Not only do the planning authorities have to be satisfied that the work will be carried out correctly and fit in with neighboring buildings, but also our customers have to be sure that the changes to their home will give them just what they want.

At CWN Developments Ltd, the planning process is a very thorough one, in which our clients are fully involved in order to ensure that their homes fit their needs perfectly, regardless of whether it is a single room such as a kitchen, a garage conversion to create more living space, an extension to the house, or a complete new build. The process always starts with meticulous and interactive planning, bringing customers and designers together.

The image of a paper plan and its corresponding CGI room views is just one example of how customers can 'walk round' their new living space before any work is started. If you have ideas and plans for your home, come and talk them over with us. It's your home, have it your way.

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17/01/2014: It is never too early to start learning

Bricklaying is one of the traditional skills that is becoming harder and harder to find. With the focus at CWN being very much on quality of workmanship, the only way for us to endure business and service continuiuty is to train our own staff. As a master bricklayer and winner of the Golden Trowel award, there is nobody better placed than Craig to make sure that the youngsters learn the right way to approach the job.

The pictures show the latest recruit to the CWN Developments Ltd EarlyBrick training programme being put through his paces by Craig. He is doing a fine job but Craig would rather that he was allowed to get his hand out of the way before the young man tamped down the brick with his trowel.

It may be ten years or more before this young man can contribute to the business full time, but it never hurts to start learning skills at a young age, and he certainly seems to be enjoying his work. Meanwhile, Craig and the team will have to keep soldiering on in the bricklaying department.

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10/01/2014: It's good to be busy!

2014 - What a start!

Carrying on from where we left off in 2013, we have already received 11 enquiries for building projects to commence this year. Two of these have been confirmed and work will start soon. Busy is good!

The old saying goes “If you want something done, give it to a busy person”. There is a reason that we are so busy; it is simply because over the years, so many happy customers have sung our praises to their friends and families.

If you have a building project, extension, conversion or refurbishment in mind for 2014, get in touch and let us show you why so many people have recommended CWN Developments Ltd. Simply call us on 01245 472087 or click in the header of any page to send us an email.

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21/12/2013: Our work is done for 2013. Time to take break.

And relax! The last two projects of 2013 have now been completed and handed over to happy customers. They were a large extension with new kitchen and utility room, and a major garage conversion to give additional family space including bedrooms. As always, these were achieved thanks to great teamwork from planning through to completion.

This has been a fantastic year, both in terms of projects carried out and completing the move into our new office, which has provided the perfect environment to welcome new and existing customers. With the sense of a job well done, the team can now take a well-deserved break before re-commencing activities in 2014

There are already two new building projects to get our teeth into as soon as January comes around and we are all looking forward to an equally busy new year. Once again, many thanks to all our customers and team, wishing all concerned a very merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous 2014.

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10/12/2013: Three down, two to go before Christmas

With the Christmas holidays looming, at the start of December, we had five major building projects under way that needed to be finished before the break.

Three of these have now been completed and handed over to happy customers, leaving us just under two weeks to get the last two works completed before taking a good break and starting on planned projects for 2014.

This has been an incredibly exciting and busy year for us, so the break will be most welcome, but there is a lot to be done before we can relax, so watch this space.

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Featured Services
Building Services Throughout Essex - Kitchens

We design and install kitchens to the highest standard

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Work Undertaken - New Build

CWN Developments Ltd specialises in taking care of all project management issues from design, planning and consultation to completion of your new house

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Featured Projects
CWN Developments - Spacious, Efficient Kitchen & Utility Room

The family wanted a kitchen with clean lines, an efficient working space and a utility room to keep their new space free of clutter

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CWN Developments' 'blog

4 Bedroom House New Build in Witham Commences

This month, we are starting a new build project for a customer in Witham
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