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two storey extension fifth avenue chelmsford

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No, not the one in New York. This Fifth Avenue is a little closer to home.

The family needed more space and more comfort, but wanted it in style too. The house was given a two storey extension that incorporated a large, open-plan living space that has a real feel of having plenty of room. The glass doors leading out onto the new patio that we laid for them add greatly to this feeling of airy space.

Kitchen space was freed up by adding a very practical utility room in the extension area for all the day to day family tasks like laundry, leaving the kitchen free for cooking and being the heart of the home.

The extension added an extra bedroom and bathroom as well as a childrens room. Upstairs, the nursery was refurbished and the whole job was finished by applying a coat of render to the property, so that the outside of this house will look as welcoming as the new, extended interior.

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