Image: 513 - Installed in new office now, ready to face our growing workload

It feels good now to have space to match our expanding workload, allowing customers’ plans to be spread out more comfortably and stored more efficiently.

Work and home life are so similar in this respect; everything is easier when you have space to spread out, and carefully planned storage to keep the things you need close at hand when needed, but out of the day when not required.

The entire conversion has taken less than a month to go from the initial drawings to a working environment, despite having one of our busiest periods in terms of projects throughout the moving process. We will look forward to welcoming visitors to the office to talk over their plans as time goes on.

If you are taking a look around you at your living or working space, perhaps thinking that you need bigger premises, how about saving yourself all the upheaval? Talking to the design team here at CWN Developments Ltd could bring out the ideas needed to make the most of extending or remodelling your existing space to make it work your way. Call us on the number shown above or click in the header of any page to send us an email and let us know how your life could be made easier.

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