Image: 531 - It is never too early to start learning

Bricklaying is one of the traditional skills that is becoming harder and harder to find. With the focus at CWN being very much on quality of workmanship, the only way for us to endure business and service continuiuty is to train our own staff. As a master bricklayer and winner of the Golden Trowel award, there is nobody better placed than Craig to make sure that the youngsters learn the right way to approach the job.

The pictures show the latest recruit to the CWN Developments Ltd EarlyBrick training programme being put through his paces by Craig. He is doing a fine job but Craig would rather that he was allowed to get his hand out of the way before the young man tamped down the brick with his trowel.

It may be ten years or more before this young man can contribute to the business full time, but it never hurts to start learning skills at a young age, and he certainly seems to be enjoying his work. Meanwhile, Craig and the team will have to keep soldiering on in the bricklaying department.

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