Image: 933 - En Suite
The en-suite and bathroom project is taking shape this week. The floor and wall times have been laid in the bathroom, with contrasting light coloured textured ceramic tiles on the walls around the shower, and black natural stone tiles on the floor and outside wall. The natural stone tiles are polished in situ to give a stunning, lustrous surface that is even yet natural loooking. Nice touches include the niches built into the walls for storage to preserve space and make it easier for the family to keep tidy. The natural wood cabinet and basin surround contrast with the tiled surfaces, complementing the textures ans enhancing the feeling of warmth in the room The plumbing is all in place now, as are the electrical fittings that give subtle, energy efficient lighting just where it is needed. With just the finishing touches to do now, our customers will soon be using their bathroom and en suite.
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